Equine Dentistry in Wrexham

Keeping your horse's teeth in good health and good working order is integral to your horse's overall health and comfort. Our trained professionals ensure that we perform preventative dentistry for horses, ponies, and donkeys, as well as treating any existing maladies that may be affecting their dental health. We will not just react to any problems we encounter, but actively practice and advise on preventative measures to make sure your equine companion enjoys healthier and stronger teeth.

Andy Peffers, Our Equine Dentist

Andy Peffers is a veterinary surgeon and a qualified equine dental technician with over 20 years' of experience. He is a member of the British Association of Equine Dental Technicians and has acted as chief examiner for the BEVA/BVDA examination for equine dental technicians. He has passed further examinations and is an Advanced Veterinary Practitioner in Equine Dentistry. Andy is based mainly at the clinic while the routine day to day raspings are carried out by Kate, Rachel and Laura Meet the Team to learn more about our skilled veterinary professionals.

We Offer the Following Treatments

For Happier and Healthier Horses' Teeth

We make our services easily accessible to all horse and stable owners. We can travel to your yard, you can visit our dedicated clinic that includes stables, a knockdown box, and stocks, or we can travel to your local equine practice. We work in partnership with many local equine vets, so we can travel easily to where you need us. Contact Us today to arrange your visit!

Routine Dentistry to Complex Dentistry

When we perform routine equine dentistry such as tooth rasping, we use light sedation for the comfort of the horse and the decreased stress for the owner. This also allows us to better examine your horse's mouth and complete full professional rasping and balancing, including the hard-to-reach back molars. As well as tooth rasping, we perform more complex equine dentistry in Wrexham including fillings and extractions where necessary. Take a look at Our Prices to see what we offer.