Our Prices

Rasp horse's teeth

To include visit, sedation, full dental examination & performance rasping.

  • £120 per horse (For 1 horse)
  • £90 per horse ( For 2-3 horses)
  • £85 per horse ( For 4-5 horses)
  • £80 per horse (For 6 or more horses)

Wolf teeth removal

£25 per wolf tooth on top of routine rasp charge, extra sedation £20 plus local anaesthetic £10. Price without a dental rasp is £150 which includes visit, sedation, local anaesthetic and wolf tooth removal.

Dental extractions

£350-£2000 Depending on length of procedure and techniques used.

Dental fillings

£400 Includes sedation, drilling, flushing and filling infundibula caries and all filling materials. Each additional infundibula restoration/filling is £80.