As with humans, holes or gaps in horses' teeth can be incredibly uncomfortable. Maintaining good dental health for your horse is vital for their overall physical health, allowing them to eat properly and relieving them of potential discomfort.

If you notice your horse experiencing pain, nasal discharge or swelling, it could be due to tooth pain. If the tooth has become damaged, chipped or fractured due to injury or general wear, endodontics (or dental fillings) provided by our highly skilled equine dental veterinary surgeon may reduce the need for a horse tooth extraction.

We perform our dental fillings and routine equine dental care with your horse under standing sedation. After removing any diseased or dead pulp, our horse dentists fill the gap with restorative material, preventing the likelihood of food entering and more damage being caused.

Horses' teeth wear down at a much faster rate than humans', so it is important to organise routine equine dental care check-ups, especially if your horse has had fillings in the past as they may need replacing.

Our North Wales equine dentist will treat horses from all over the country, and even travel to your equine centre should you require.

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At North Wales Equine Dental Practice, we are dedicated to providing equine dental care that is accessible for horses and stable owners. If you are able to, you can come to us at our equine centre in Wrexham, or should you require, our equine dental technicians are able to travel to you.

Our lead horse dentist, Andy Peffers, Advanced Veterinary Practitioner, has over 20 years of experience in equine dentistry, and as with the rest of the team is dedicated to providing dental procedures to the highest possible standard. This ensures that your horse is in safe hands and as comfortable as possible during their filling, or any of our other equine dental services.

In addition to our dental fillings for horses, we also provide horse tooth extractions, and routine equine dental care. We can also assess any other ailments that may be negatively affecting your horse's dental health, allowing us to offer advice and preventative recommendations to make sure your horse or donkey's teeth are strong and healthy for many years to come.

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