It's not uncommon for a routine equine dental examination to uncover problems that must be immediately resolved. The presence of an abscess, cracked teeth, or periodontal disease will require the skills of an equine dentist to resolve. Intricate horse tooth extraction may be the most astute action, relieving any pain and discomfort whilst preservingoverall horse's health.

Equine North Wales Dental Practice knows how to care for your horse's dental health. Andy is a full member of the British Association of Dental Technicians and Kate, Laura and Rachel are student members of the British Association of Equine Dental technicians. The whole team are fully trained to skilfully complete all forms of equine dental care and are equipped with the latest, most modern equine dentistry equipment.
The service includes a complete examination of your horse's mouth and head, identification and correction of sharp enamel points and dental overgrowth and the removal of loose teeth. Owners benefit from the utmost confidence that all dental work, including horse tooth extractions, will be completed with the highest levels of care.

Oral Tooth Extraction

As the preferred method of extraction, oral tooth extraction is completed whilst the horse is standing. The procedure is preferred by equine dentist's for having fewer complications than surgical repulsion. However, completing equine tooth extraction orally is not always possible for horses with decayed or fractured teeth.

Requiring time and patience, horse tooth extraction is completed under heavy sedation, often with the use of dental nerve blocks and painkillers.

Once the broken or infected tooth has been identified, an equine dentist will separate the gum margin from the tooth edge using dental elevators and forceps are applied to either side of the tooth to get a good grip. The veterinarian dentist will then gently rock the tooth over a long period to detach the tooth, then elevating the tooth from the horse's mouth.

At Equine North Wales Dental Practice, we have significant experience performing oral tooth extraction. Our skilled horse dentist will perform all extractions, ensuring that your horse is not in any distress or discomfort throughout the procedure.

Surgical Tooth Extraction

The method of extraction when a horse's teeth are in an advanced state of infection or if a tooth has significant damage that requires skilled dexterity to remove, surgical equine tooth extraction can provide definitive treatment to troublesome equine dental problems. As with our oral tooth extraction, Equine North Wales Dental Practice has a wealth of experience performing surgical extractions. Dedicated to securing the comfort of your horse, all operations are completed with the comfort and safety at the forefront of our thinking.

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If your horse is suffering from quidding (dropping food), weight loss, continually tilts or sways its head in a manner that doesn't reflect its personality or you notice a bad odour or nasal discharge, dental extraction maybe required. Call us today. We can help guide you through any treatment that may be required.

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